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Dr. Ole J. Olson, ATC

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Personal Trainer

At Optimal Health, we believe the biggest challenge people face is getting started in the right direction. And whether you are trying to lose 100 lbs, break through a plateau in your health journey, or looking to increase energy and performance, we believe that with the help of a qualified personal trainer you can meet and excede your goals!  See below to meet our trainers!


Lisa Carter, NASM, CPT

     Other Certifications: Pilates and Strength Training     Specialty: 50+ Health and Fitness

Lisa absolutely loves people. She also loves seeing people succeed in achieving  their fitness goals, and actually have fun while doing it!

After working ten years in the dental field, Lisa was inspired to help others in a more personal way. So, she started her own fitness business, FIT360, and now loves sharing her passion, knowledge, and experience with people at every level of their fitness journey. 

FIT360 is thrilled to partner with Dr. Ole Olson. Optimal Health in Ankeny is FIT360’s main location, but Lisa also has three additional locations in the N. DSM area.

Classes offered at Optimal Health

 --50+ Strength, Balance and Core – This fun fitness program focuses on beginners’ and/or seniors’ strength, balance and core.  All sessions have a wide range of intensity levels making it very effective for everyone. 

SIX WEEK PROGRAM (twice a week) - $129.

 --Beginner Mat Pilates – This 45-minute mat program will teach the fundamentals of Pilates, helping participants to become proficient at the essential mat exercises while developing core control and overall flexibility. 

SIX WEEK PROGRAM (twice a week) - $129

 --50+ Circuit TrainingThis program develops strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility and coordination using various types of strength training equipment.

SIX WEEK PROGRAM (once a week) - $64.50


Richard Sherrod, World Kettlebell (WK) Coach

     Other Certifications: WK Master Trainer, WK Judge, HIIT Conditioning Certified

Throughout my life, I have always been very active and practiced healthy eating.  I've trained for and competed successfully in motocross racing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, inline speed skating, bicycle racing and now kettlebell sport. 

For several years in the 1990's I taught and Coached Junior Speed Skating under World Inline Team Coach Mark Muse.

In 2006 I found the kettlebell while searching for some Olympic weight equipment on Ebay.  I was intrigued by this "ball with a handle" and so I ordered a few kettlebells to try.  I soon learned that there was actually a sport behind this bell.  I was fascinated and hooked!

In March 2007 I attended a Certification under Valery Fedorenko and the World Kettlebell Club and became a Coach for the sport.  I soon found work at several local gyms and began teaching group kettlebell classes.  I've since taught hundreds of people to use the kettlebell for fitness, health and even to compete in the sport. 

I've competed in Kettebell Sport myself winning several National and World titles in kettebell lifting....I will call the World titles just National titles because they were not really attended very much by the Russians who would make me look very weak! 

As a Master Trainer for the World Kettlebell Club I have licensed several people to teach kettebell training.  While that program has been discontinued and can still license personal trainers to teach under my name. 

I've ran group kettlebell and individual in person and online training now for over 7 years.  Come experience Kettlebell fitness at it's finest!

Introductory pricing as follows:

     Per class = $10

     5 class punch card = $40 

     10 class punch card = $80

     20 class punch card = $140

     30 class punch card = $200

     Private sessions = $35/hr

Current classes available (more coming soon!)  

     Kettlebell Fitness Training:  Tues 6:15 pm -- Thur 6:15pm -- Sat 9:30am

     Private sessions are also available evenings and weekends.