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What do Chiropractors Do?


Most commonly we see people who are in PAIN because something in their muscular-skeletal system is off. So what happens?

Here’s a simplified Explanation:

  • Bones/Joints can become slightly out of alignment
  • This misalignment sets up a degenerative process throughout your spine
  • Your muscles struggle to compensate or try and move them back in place
  • Eventually your muscles tighten up, spasm and maybe pinch a nerve
  • Your body reacts with inflammation to try and help the situation
  • All of this can cause you pain and discomfort
  • Over time, the issues can become chronic--or long term

Dr. Ole uses various techniques to bring your body back in alignment, which allows:

  • The muscles to settle down
  • The inflammation to reduce
  • The nerve to stop getting pinched

Now, does everything stay in place?

Maybe, but probably not if you’ve been out of alignment for a while, or it's severe. Which means you may need to be adjusted again to allow your muscles to relax.  Think of braces trying to straighten your teeth.  They can't just make them really tight to pull the teeth into place more quickly...it is a gradual process over time.  The same is true with spinal correction.  There are also several treatments Dr. Ole can use to help settle things down. Ultimately, when you're ready, he can also show you some exercises or stretches. These can help you fix the underlying reason this happened in the first place.

Sure beats taking pain killers and hoping it all goes away…but not fixing the problem!

Why did this happen to me in the first place?

You may have had some kind of trauma, recently or in the past or you may have some natural imbalance in your body

  • Like you're stronger on one side of your body than the other
  • Or your muscles are tighter on one side of your body than the other
  • Or you favor one side over the other, causing issues
  • Or maybe one leg is shorter than the other
    • Or you used muscles you haven't used for a while and have imbalance
    • Raking the yard, pulling weeds or shoveling show
    • Or like moving the refrigerator downstairs and turning awkwardly…
  • We can get ourselves in all kinds of trouble.

Thankfully, Dr. Ole can use chiropractic skills to help you get back to normal.

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